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Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysChildren can make fun dress up hats using paper lunch bags, a beach bucket, an old belt and tape or glue. Allow the kids to use paints, crayons or markers to color the lunch bags before creating the hats. Slide the decorated lunch bag over a beach bucket to make your hat. If Jack Wolfskin Outlet the bucket is larger than the bag, cut the bag up Jack Wolfskin Outlet the side seam and remove the flat bottom. Repeat this on a second bag, and then tape the two bags together at the side. Center the flattened paper bags over the bucket and then press down to match the shape of the bucket. Wrap an Jack Wolfskin Outlet old belt around the hat to help secure the paper, and add decoration. Create all sorts of hats, such as one for a pilgrim, a leprechaun or even a cowboy. Use different style buckets to create even more hats to play w Jack Wolfskin Outlet ith.Design your own animals to put on a puppet show. Use coloring pages from a book or print a few from the , and then cut out the animal’s body parts. Color the parts creatively or match the animals’ usual colorings and then glue them onto the lunch bags. Kids can even color the lunch bag to match the rest of the animal. To add extra character to each animal, glue scrap yarn pieces on the bag to create fur, add googly eyes and use leftover craft supplies like sequins, buttons, felt, pompoms or pipe cleaners to add antennae, wings and even clothing.