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Jack Wolfskin Outlet Lumeneo Smera Concept is a lea

Lumeneo Smera Concept is a leaning

if there’s one overriding theme at this y Jack Wolfskin Outlet ear’s Geneva Motor Show, it’s the electrification of the automobile. Long story short, even scorched earth king Ferrari showed a hybrid. The show floor was littered with dozens of electric contraptions of all shapes and sizes, but we’re taking a moment or so to tell you about the Lumeneo Smera because it made us smile. Here’s why.

For the ten minutes or so we spent photographing the Smera, half a dozen people managed to squeeze themselves inside its tiny body. And the second the door shut, everyone of them burst out Jack Wolfskin Outlet laughing, especially the poor schmucks who took the plunge and shoehorned into the back seat. That’s right, the Smera is an inline two seater. Even cooler than that, the Smera does that cool leany thing going around corners, just like the now defunct Carver.

But that’s not all France’s Lumeneo Smera might be of great interest to you enthusiast types. Lumeneo claims that it’s 15 kilowatt electric motor produces we hope you’re sitting down 737 pound feet or torque, a figure that would give the little bitty 992 pound pod a power to weight ratio of something approximating Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Are they using e tron math? Probably, but that’s the story they’re telling to the world. We’ll believe it when it forces our eyeballs back into our skulls.

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The SMERA prototype was pre viewed at Geneva and Paris Motor Show in 2008. Since September 2009, you can also discover our SMERA in the Lumeneo Show Room in Paris. Two SMERA are presented and our team answers our visitors questions.

Today, LUMENEO presents the serial model of the SMERA.

The SMERA is now ready to commute into the urban and out of town traffic. Originally designed to shift and park with ease, the SMERA has a dreaming size: 86 cm width and 2,50 m length.

Do not suffer traffic jam or bad weather, park easily and safely drive.

The SMERA opens a new way of mobility. LUMENEO is currently working on the M1 European homologation for the SMERA. This car homologation is the first one for such innovative vehicle, final certificate will allow to drive on all European roads.

After several exhibitions where the SMERA has been presented, we have collected visitors’ suggestions. This final version offers to the driver and his passenger more inside roominess.

For this first year of production, Lumeneo plans a progressive start. In 2011, rhythm will increase to match the French and European demands.

Entirely electric, a car driving licence is compulsory to drive the SMERA.

The alliance of aestheticism .

Purity and delicacy of lines have guided the hand of the SMERA designers. With its only 86 cm of width and 2.50 m of length, the SMERA has an exclusive size to slip into the traffic and park without constraint. Its very fluid lines are emphasized by its automatic tilt in curves.

Getting onboard is easy, thanks to two large lateral doors. It allo Jack Wolfskin Outlet ws getting in by the right or the left side, up to the place of parking. The SMERA has an aluminium protective 3D frame and a closed body. Seat belts and crash box complete the passive safety.

Five colours are available, but the choice of a specific colour is always possible.


Inside, the visibility is maximal with a wide glass surface which provides a panoramic view on traffic. The driver is comfortably held in his leather seat, protected by his seatbelt, without helmet. His seat can be fold away to let the passenger get in the back seat. Cockpit includes a LCD screen which displays all intuitive commands. The driver is taking care of nothing, the intuitive handling provides a real driving comfort.

In the heart of the SMERA, an electronic system manages all the parameters of the vehicle, starting from the signals provided by an integrated inertial system. According to the dynamic parameters of the car, the turning curves, the selected driving mode and the road quality, it determines the optimal tilting angle. It is a servomotor controlled by the calculator which fulfils the function automatically by moving the cabin and the four wheels.


Electric since its design, the SMERA is particularly ecological. Its operation generates no local pollution, no noise and no smoke. Its maintenance is minimal because electric motor have a very long life and its recycling is simple.

The SMERA is equipped with two electric brushless motors with permanent magnets for its propulsion, especially designed for this purpose. These motors offer a 1,000 Nm torque at the rear wheels from the start unlike thermal engines, where the maximum torque is only available at high speed.

Each motor weighs less than 30 Kg and is made up 98 % of pure metals, aluminium, copper and irons o its recycling is simple. It also avoids all the pollution created by a thermal engine: oils, catalytic exhausts, heavy metals.

The motors have been developed to answer precisely to the needs of the SMERA and to optimise the weight/power ratio. At Eeach braking action, the motors are transformed into an alternator to convert kinetic energy into electricity injected in the batteries, increasing the autonomy of the SMERA.

Brushless motors offer the main advantage to have no friction parts that makes it possible to have no maintenance and an excellent lifetime, nearly 200 000 km.


The energy source of the SMERA is a pack of batteries offering a 133 V t Jack Wolfskin Outlet ension and a 10 kWh capacity. Made of Lithium technology, these up to date elements meet all the needs of the SMERA. Thanks to its integrated charger and a 3 meters cable, the SMERA can be reloaded in all domestic plugs (230 V, 16 A).