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Long Beach bans the bag plastic

isn’t ready to ban plastic bags? Well, Long Beach, California, this week joined the growing ranks of municipalities to do just that. Their ba Jack Wolfskin n on single use carry out plastic bags will reduce litter in the county by 25 percent. Customers who don’t bring their own bag will be charged 10 cents and given a non plastic bag.

Long Beach joins Los Angeles County, which has already banned plas Jack Wolfskin tic bags, and the state of California may soon follow, having had a similar ordinance narrowly defeated in an August 2010 referendum.

Bag bans like this one are not only good for the environment, they help distribute the cost of bags and cleanup more fairly. Consumers currently pay a hidden fee of about $50 per year to supe Jack Wolfskin rmarkets that increase the cost of their goods to pay for the bags. And in Long Beach, where plastic bags account for 25 percent of all litter, the savings Jack Wolfskin to taxpayers for reduced litter cleanup will be considerable. Prior to the ban, even consumers who brought their own non plastic bags were paying these costs.